Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day Run

Our bellies were bloated and our legs filled with prosecco but our will was strong and a slightly later start of 9am helped us to keep the motivation to go for a Boxing Day run!
I went to the meeting point and moments later I say a crazed Emma D bounding down the hill, arms flailing and shouting Merry Christmas... this may be tougher than expected!
We set off into Scadbury Woods and before long came across a few fellow PWRs, we stopped to wish each other the tidings of the season before commencing our runs through the woods. With plenty of runners and dog walkers out on this lovely morning we were constantly waving and calling greetings to one and all. We headed off into Petts Wood and then via Sainsburys to collect a few carrier bags to protect Emma's car from our muddy feet on the way back. Run 4 back into running after my rib problems and I seem to be going well, lets hope I can keep it up.

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