Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Trail of Three Pairs

First Pair - Bag Feet

The clock struck 7.30am so I went into the porch  donned my trail shoes wrapped my crusty muddy feet in bags and waited for Jerry who pulled up just moments later. I hopped in and off we went towards Knockholt. 

Second Pair - Monkey Feet

Immediately we were onto the trails and swampy muddy boggy fields... 'this could get messy' were the thoughts running through my head as Jerry bounded along shouting 'I love my monkey feet' every few steps. 

As we approached a farm we were approached by a happy, friendly little pup who gleefully welcomed us. Before long he was joined by another (not sure a white poodle cross breed is the best farm dog) who jumped around giddily wanting to play and followed us through the mud. We waved good morning to their owners - who were tending their donkey in a shed, how very seasonal - and went on our way, although they did try and follow us for a while. The dogs, not the owners. 

As we found our pace and trotted happily along we opted for a new pathway (much to Jerry's dismay as it meant we couldn't run where he wanted along a disused railway track). But every cloud as they say... we passed a bridge that along with a large dolphin mounted out of the water, also a small monkey hanging from the bridge, much to Jerry's monkey-footed delight!

We passed a pub which we had attended along with badgers on a previous night run, not the witches cottage though - this can only be found after dark under a full moon. Onwards we continued towards Chevening Church where Jerry had a chat about the geology of the area with a bewildered looking old fella, while I caught up then patted his dog.

The terrain began to get more hilly as we headed back towards Knockholt and the car. I was beginning to struggle with my bruised ribs still giving me a little gip. Jerry was edging ahead up the hill but came to a stop to wait for me, I saw my chance... unable to talk for being out of breath I walked towards him holding out a Reisen chocolate chew (this would slow him down). Jerry took the chocolate and I encourage him to eat as we walked up the hill. There are not many who can chew a cold toffee and run up a hill. It was a sneaky little tactic but I was not covert in my mission I needed the break and it worked!

Third Pair - Muddy Trail Feet

We passed over the infamous stile from the ORR Chevening run and I imaged all the runners queuing to get over and thought how lovely it would be to have a little break at this point if in the group running up the hill.

We were now well and truly homeward bound with less than 2 miles to go. We emerged onto a road and Jerry began scanning around. It was clear he was up to no good and I asked him if he was about to sneakily add on additional miles, he denied this albeit with a sheepish look on his face.My fears were unfounded though as we crossed the field and emerged back by the car. Nine miles done, covered in mud but thoroughly pleased to make it out. 

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  1. I just love the top look like you have big Duck's feet :-D