Thursday, 27 December 2012

Just think of the cake..... mmmm cake

Mmmmm Family Recipe Christmas Fruit Cake!
Slipping nicely back into a good exercise regime, post illness, post Christmas I am feeling good and positive about regaining my fitness.

After the run yesterday morning I coped much better than I thought despite the heavily laden belly I now carry along with me. It was my second PT session tonight post illness and after last weeks performance I was confident I would be fine.

Little did I know that tonight Emma's sadistic side would emerge and she would enforce the same pain on me that Sammi (her sister) had forced on her yesterday in some crazy aussie, power session... my legs were jelly. Not to mention that my arms were already shaking furiously after a set of arm work. Maybe last weeks success was a fluke or maybe Emma was taking it a little easy on me. Either way I need to get back on with it and push hard, at least I have done it before and can do it again.

We couldn't handle the cake yesterday so I had promised to bring along some of my famous family homemade super duper brandy soaked christmas cake (see above). Finally after the session the cake and a cuppa were in sight and did we need it... did we ever!

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