Thursday, 3 January 2013

Be a Plank

Despite the promising start back to running and fitness last week with 4 runs and a PT session this week had not been so successful... was it fear of over training, post Christmas lethargy or just plain laziness? Not sure I would like to comment as honesty may not be the answer I really want to see. 
So my last activity being Saturday's muddy run with Jerry I went out to meet Emma for my PT session tonight with slight fear in my belly and lead in my legs. I arrived early and did a good 20min warm-up on the exercise bike and a 5 min slog on the stepper before Emma arrived and set me straight into a 10 minute hill run on the treadmill. It hurt but then straight to the rower for a 1000m hard effort... as ever my hands were shaking afterwards but I had managed not to lose much speed since my previous attempts. The session continued with Emma once again throwing in Sammi's evil crazy blaster thing which makes my legs want to cry but I made it through. 
My back is still week and I must practise my plank... it it my homework but this week I must actually do it! I promised Emma so I will get an ass-kicking if I don't next week when I cannot hold for any longer than usual!

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