Thursday, 17 January 2013

Training Curse

What is happening of late? I am convinced for the past two months I have been suffering a training curse. It began back in December with a torrent of illness one after the other.

So with this in mind I was about a month behind plan but staying positive I put my trainers back on and got back out as soon as I could and started building the miles back up. This has lasted a couple of weeks and to be honest not that great managing only a couple of runs a week for fear of overtraining but with some cross-training thrown in for good measure.

So Tuesday I was all prepared to get back on track and get my number of runs and miles back up my gym bag was in the car and as I left work it was freezing cold so I decided that the gym was a better idea than running out and about in the wintery cold streets. Off I went, traffic was not too heavy and then SMASH some silly woman was skitting about in the street distracted the driver behind me who then proceeded straight into my car. As if that wasn't bad enough that my car now needed to go to the garage for another new bumper but I seemed to have whiplash.

Doctor’s diagnosis was that I shouldn't be running as it will hurt my back further, and that it could take up to 6 weeks before I am running again but I can cross train... just non-impact, bloody marvellous.

My training goals are slipping further and further from my grasp but I must stay positive, I will get there.

Now the roads are covered in snow so at the very least my desperation to be back out and running is slightly sated and the fact that I don’t have to be seen in public in the boy racer style monstrosity that was delivered under the guise of a courtesy car!


  1. That's horrible Liz, oh please get better quickly.

  2. Probably sounds worse than it is, you know how dramatic doctors can be!