Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Badger badger badger badger stret-ching stret-ching!!

As I get back into running regularly (ish) I am required to do more pre planning and to get up at 5:30am at the latest to squeeze in a run before my other half leaves for work and I return to parenting duties. First fail, I forgot to set the alarm... doh!

Luckily hubby woke me at 5:45am and with my kit already laid out at the end of the bed I leapt (this may be an exaggeration) into action and out the front door. It was raining. I was never a fair weather runner so decided I shouldn't be one now. Besides, it was very muggy out so the light drizzle was very nice to cool me down and I'd had the good sense not to put on a long sleeved waterproof which would soon turn into a me shaped oven once I warmed up.

I trotted along, happy enough but I was finding the run tough this morning. I took a strategic turn up a hill which I knew I would have to walk but would give me a flatter run for the rest of my route. I felt smug as I passed the growing line at the McDonalds Drive Thru, no doubt the inhabitants of the cars also felt smug that they were about to get their McMuffin and not soaking wet and clad in lycra!

The hill passed and I was running again, trying to concentrate on my technique, my feet seem to land differently so I was working hard to correct this to a more efficient gait. I reached home after 2.5 miles (shy of my planned 3 miles but time was not on my side today). I started to stretch, leaning against my porch then seemingly out of nowhere a large badger appeared by my feet.... being poorly sighted the badger jumped upon seeing me, as did I and he circled back and scooted around the neighbours garden looking for an escape route! (so I took the opportunity to grab my phone and take a few pics for evidence!)

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