Saturday, 10 March 2012

Nininini Nineteen 19

You have just gotta love those Saturday morning long runs, they really do set me up for the weekend knowing that I have achieved something good. I arrived at Emma G's just before 8am and gave Rowdy a quick stroke before we departed and hit the road ready for our long run. As ever we are very well matched for pace and soon slip into a nice steady rhythm as we gradually start to clock up the miles. Emma has been unwell and me too so we are hoping this long run goes without a hitch. As we reached just shy of 5 miles we hear a car slowing as it passed us and some rowdy local hollering 'alright darlin' at us, at first shocked we were then chuckling away as we realised it was only the very harmless Mike R from the club, presumably on his way to parkrun! At about 7 miles we decided for a quick gel break and I tried yet another brand, this one not so chewy and more fruity and manageable - I may have finally found one I can handle!
Onwards and very slightly upwards we continued in our steady trotting, chatting away and putting the world to rights as is the way of chatty runners. Around 13-14 miles in Emma started to struggle but only a little - we put this down to her recent illness but soldiered on, relentless in our mission to get through this long run. By the time we were back near Norman Park, the Parkrunners had long since departed so there was no chance to grab a bit of cake to keep us going, with only a couple more miles to go now we knew we wouldn't be far from out target mileage, we rounded the corner into Emma's road, then at 18.92 miles I continued past the house to take it up to a nice round 19.... why do we do it! The curse of a Garmin means always making your distance a prefect round number!

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