Tuesday, 30 August 2011

LIRF (pronounced Loeeerf with a French accent)

Tonight I ventured back out with Petts Wood Runners, I have been a little lax of late on club nights mostly due to being tired and wanting to eat my dinner before 9.30pm.
To play it safe and have an 'easy' run I decided to go with Group 2, that lasted about 2 seconds and as Group 3 left the rec I was running along at the front with Mark our devoted leader.... soon to be a Lirf*.
About half way through the six miles, both myself and Emma G started to struggle a little - just a bad run day I guess - so we dropped off the pace and kept the group in sight. Before long Mark was back to check on us like the good leader he is (he doesn't need a course, he could train others in leading running groups!). We assured him we were fine and let him rejoin the others as we kept a steady pace some way behind them but keeping them in our sights.
As we approached the final stretch we became merged with Group 2 - maybe a sign I should have gone with them after all? 
Back at Willet rec we reconvened with other groups and had a chat with Dave Berry about his progression to Group 4, one day I'll make it but still too fast for me now because after all Tuesday night is chatting night.
* Leader in Running Fitness

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