Sunday, 28 August 2011

What goes up....(when badgers mount)

Today was my last long run prior to the Nottingham Robin Hood Half Marathon in two weeks time, I wanted to do about 14 miles and decided a good plan was to run up to Badgers Mount and back. The theory behind this being that the route is easy - just one long road - and that although it is a steady incline for almost 7 miles that means the way back would be easy as it would be downhill!
After 3 miles I wanted to quit, I couldn't get into my pace and the road stretching out ahead of me seemed to go on forever. At this point I knew it couldn't be long before I got comfortable so I stopped and stretched before setting of again. Strangely on my ipod shuffle 'Walk of Life' by Dire Straits started to play and suddenly my feet seem to find their groove, before long my legs were playing the game and I was making steady progress up the hill.
I passed many dog walkers and cyclists - I wondered what was tougher, running up such a long slow incline or cycling up it - for me probably cycling, my pace would slow, and eventually I think I'd just tip off my bike into a ditch! 
Proof I made it!
Finally I reached the top point of my route and turned back for the 'easy part'. The pace was steady, I tired not to get carried away on the down hills and was going well until traffic lights halted my progress where I chatted momentarily to an old fella very impressed by my distance which at that pint was 11miles (he asked I didn't just announce it as I am prone to do). My legs started to feel heavy as I approached the 13 mile mark and left the flat for the last stretch up Midfield Way and home, not long after 13 they gave in and so did I. I managed to keep a good pace averaging around 9min/miles and walked the last couple of hundred yards... now time for a bath!

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