Friday, 19 August 2011

No chicken in the pool

This morning I woke early and headed to the Walnuts again to check out early morning swimming, the pool looked pretty full so I had the usual worries about swimming pool etiquette - in my last gym it seemed that the regulars knew the unofficial rules of the pool but hotel guests using the facilities were not so savvy always trying to make you move by playing swimming pool chicken.
[for those unaccustomed, this means swimming directly at you and refusing to move until in a worst case scenario you collide - not quite so dangerous as a James Dean style chicken but can still get pretty hairy!]
The regulars were friendly and despite the busy pool somehow it all worked, one old fella used the classic "you're putting me to shame you must have done 50 lengths by now" line - pool chat commonly used by the over 70s male at the Walnuts so it seems... lets see how many more use it in the months to come!

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