Sunday, 17 June 2012

Children of the Corn & Hippy Hunting

It was brought to the attention of many that this weekend last year was the infamous run during which we discovered a filed full of naked hippies, sitting outside a yurt around a camp fire. As good a reason as any we decided to relive the run this afternoon with a number of the original hippy hunting crew, this soon diminished to only 3 as Fathers Day and 'helping with homework' took over for several of our group. 
Just before 4pm Jerry pulled up outside my house along with Duncan and we departed for Shoreham - it turned out is was open garden day in Shoreham so the narrows streets were packed with cars and people meandering slowing from one house to the next to inspect the flowers and rockeries I assume. 
We soon departed the village passing gardens 11 and 12 and we escaped and entered Hippy Hunting territory highlighted by the trademark silage tank near the farm. We looked for our previous route and found it blocked with a field full of badgers, not just ordinary badgers but those of the horned variety so we scoped for another more suitable and potentially less dangerous route. Back we went to find only a field of gymkhana equipment and some horses it looks like the hippies were long gone and our hunt would reap no trophies!
Onwards we continued running through fields of corn, I slowed as Jerry and Duncan glided through the crops thoroughly happy to be out on what we were calling a Sunday 'bimble' (great new word thanks Jerry) and thought what a great picture it would make. we continued on, through fields and along trails, negotiated nettles and a water feature, reached Chelsfield Lakes and fought the temptation to jump in and cool off before discovering new routes on the return journey. To run with Jerry and Duncan on a run like this is a true pleasure, no pressure just running for the love of it and exploring the countryside. With his trademark running style Jerry is relentless and you can see why he does long distances, never seeming to tire and Duncan, it's just lovely to watch as he aeroplanes his way along. Such a lovely way to while away a sunny Sunday afternoon - it really has been too long since I ran with this pair. Not so long next time please gents.

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